Master Electrical Suite Features

Master Electrical Suite includes over 50 calculations including: Conduit Fill, Conduit Bending, Residential Service Load, Electrical Code Tables, Motor Calculations, Transformer Calculations, Junction & Pull Box Sizing, Lighting Calculations, Ohm's Law, Voltage Drop, Resistance Calculations, Instrumentation Calculations, Conversions, Circuit Colors And Numbers, And Lots More!

Cross-Platform Support

Master Electrical Suite is available on Apple and Android systems. The user interface was designed to seamlessly fit across all platforms and devices.

Easy Setup

Lots of settings to customize the application to your needs. Settings Include: Language, Code Release, Measurement Type, Temperature, Color Theme.

Modern User Interface

Master Electrical Suite includes a sleek and modern user interface that was developed with the latest design and color standards in mind.

Multiple Orientations

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Electrical Calculations

Every electrical calculation has been tested for accuracy and compliance with the NEC 2011 and 2014 code cycles. These are electrical calculations that you can trust!

Robert Marcolini

Very good app.... Worth purchase price!

Kevin Haynes

Nice to have on the job! As a reference.


Never written a review but this app rocks.

Nick P66

This the best app available for field Techs!
No other app has this amount of
valuable information available at your finger tips.
It is well worth the price.

Good app. Easy to use. This app is like my favorite pair of pliers. It's a great tool..

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